1 Brain Exercise For Better Mental Concentration

Want Improved Concentration so that you can achieve your goals and set yourself apart from the crowd?

Can you spare just three quick minutes right now to learn how you can master the most powerful success skill on the planet?

If the answer to both questions is “Yes!”, then read carefully now, because I’m about to train you on one simple technique that can boost your brain power by controlling your attention!

Basic Mental Object Retention

The technique I’m sharing with you is based off a very special (but probably not entirely unfamiliar) brain training approach “DIRECT METHOD BRAIN TRAINING”, the most effective method on the planet for training your brain to acquire more personal power through concentration, focus, and willpower.

It’s sort of like high-impact aerobics, but for your brain. The direct method approach requires you to design a daily ritual of specially adapted mental training techniques that actually reshape the connective structure of brain cells so that your brain is more powerful and efficient, similar to how training a physical muscle makes you stronger, gives you more endurance, and allows you to do more with your body.

Let’s go over one particularly interesting brain exercise you can do to totally boost your mental concentration in order to make achieving your goals easier. The name of that brain training technique is ‘Basic Mental Object Retention‘.

Concentration Is Success!

To work out with Basic Mental Object Retention, there’s a rule you need to keep in mind which states that the more you practice holding your attention onto a single object, the more powerful your mind becomes. Anyone who can hold a single image, thought, or idea in their mind for as long as they wish in total defiance of distracting thoughts, emotions, or outside influences has the dynamic mental power to accomplish anything they put their mind to. Therefore, when training your mind using any type of direct method technique, you can feel confident knowing that every minute you sacrifice in boosting your skill is moving you that much closer to your goals.

Practice Controlling Your Attention!

To get started, you’ll need either a stopwatch or a timer with an audible alarm to notify you when a session time has expired. Also, have a piece of paper with a pen or pencil ready so that you can jot down notes about what you experience during the exercise. Reserve a set time when you can focus exclusively on doing this training technique, and a place where you will not be disturbed by anyone.

Gently close your eyes and take one slow, deep breath, bringing your attention to bear on the task at hand, and concern yourself with nothing else. Carefully form a simple image in your mind, perhaps a triangle, circle, square, or anything else that you can hold a crisp picture of. If you have a difficult time visualizing items in mind, choose the simplest image you can conceive of, even if it’s a simple dot. Your task is to hold the image crisp and clear in your mind for as long as you can without it fading away, shifting in color, warps its shape, or gets displaced by another, competing thought.

When the image fades, shifts, or warps – and especially if you become distracted by any noise or incident going on elsewhere, STOP the exercise, stop the timer, and write down how long you were able to hold the image integrity. Then take another slow, deep breath to re-center your attention, and begin again to try and beat the previous time.

Practice Equals Power!

If you set aside just 15 to 20 minutes a day practicing the incredible technique until you can perform it for 10 to 15 minutes straight without becoming distracted, you will achieve a level of attention control that’s stronger than almost anybody you’ve know. You can then take that new level of skill and apply to any task or goal you’re working toward for success. To really accelerate your progress, practice twice a day for 30 days.

Source by T. Lavon Lawrence

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