5 Best Weight Lifting Tips

1. If your weight lifting for muscle growth eat like crazy but, eat clean foods good sources of protein and carbohydrates you can find all these at your local grocery store just read the labels and you will be amazed on the contents of some items. If you just eat anything you want you will most likely gain weight but, it will be fat so eat good clean healthy foods for muscle growth.

2. Do not spend your money on expensive equipment because as you get more into weight lifting you will require more weights and more equipment and this will run up your bills fast. Find a local gym you like and signup and pay a monthly fee you will find in the long run this is the best financial move you have made in awhile.

3. When heading to the gym bring only what you need maybe a water bottle and a towel if your gym does not already provide it. The more you pack around with you in a sometimes quite busy gym can become very inconvenient and unnecessary most of the time. If you have access to a locker this would be ideal so you can lock it and have anything you might need for before or after your workout.

4. One of the best weight lifting tips I can give you is to always keep the strictest form when performing exercises. A common mistake many people make is trying to use more weight then they need because they are using bad form not to mention this can result in an injury. Contact a personal trainer or someone at your gym for assistance or proper form or find a good book.

5. The fifth and final weight lifting tip I have for you is bringing a friend or relative with you to the gym as a training partner that they can spot you and you can motivate each other to keep coming to the gym and reach new levels of fitness together.


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