6 Points On Losing Weight Safely

People who think about losing weight usually think they need to cut back on the amount of food they eat. Depending on the amount of food you eat, this can pose a danger o your health. So you ask, what should I do to lose weight safely. Below are 6 points on losing weight safely.

1. Stay away from crash dieting.

Todays society has led us to believe that cutting calories alone will get rid of our unwanted fat. Everywhere we go low calorie foods and drinks are staring us in the face. When we reduce our calorie take below our basic calorie need our body will start to digest fat. Now you may say that this is a good thing, but burning fat takes energy. Since you will have a lack of energy to spare due to reduced calorie intake it will be a slow process. You will also open yourself up to fatigue, illness and a weak immune system.

When you deprive yourself of calories your body will also burn muscle. We all know that crash diets are only for a short time. When we go back to our old ways we will most certainly put back all our weight and most times even more.

A good thing to try would be to eat smaller meals at more frequent times through the day. This is known as grazing. This way your body will not feel like it is being starved.

2. Eat healthy.

So now we have learned that crash dieting is not good and that we should be eating, we must remember to eat healthy. Eat a variety of foods so your body will get the nutrients that it needs. Try to stay away from fried foods and remember to drink plenty of water.

3. Build your lean muscle mass.

Muscles burn fat, and when they work properly they will even burn fat at rest. Imagine burning calories just sitting and watching TV So, the larger the muscle mass the more calories they will burn. This can be accomplished through exercise.

Be sure to see a doctor before starting any exercise program.


Aerobics, good for the heart, good for the lungs, increases your lean muscle mass and gets rid of excess fat. This is the greatest form of exercise you can do for your body.

5. Get that extra boost.

Sometimes taking a food supplement can give your body that extra boost it needs. Most of the products on the market are actually good.

6. Diet pills.

Not one of my favorites, but sometimes diet pills can help in your weight loss. Always follow the directions on the pack and be sure to consult a physician before taking any pills.

There is no quick fix to losing weight. It require a life style change. Remember you will live a fuller, healthier, happier life. So jump in and make a start, and remember to do it healthy. You have nothing to lose but your unwanted fat.

Source by Keith Wiseman

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