A Look At Natural Bodybuilding

If you like me then you sit and watch bodybuilding competitions thinking, "I want that body." If your also like me you probably are thinking, "I would never be cut out for that kind of a life." By that I mean the hours of lifting weights a day, taking supplements to get bigger, pretty much spending all my life trying to get my muscles toned. There is an easier way though. The way does not involve the types of exercises that bodybuilders do, it's called natural bodybuilding .

The types of workouts that you do to a natural bodybuilder is mostly cardiovascular exercises. These exercises enable you to burn calories and, in most cases, lose fat. The other part of being a natural bodybuilder is resistance training. This training, unlike cardiovascular exercises, helps you to build muscles in different muscle groups by using free weights.

If you are doing bodybuilding just for fun you are recommended to do free weight exercises about three to five times a week. If you are planning on joining a bodybuilding competition you should do more than that. You do these exercises by using dumbbells or barbells and lift in different positions. You are also told to do cardiovascular exercises, like riding a bike or jogging, anywhere from three to five times a week as well.

If you are just beginning to become a bodybuilder you should only do free weight exercises about thirty to forty minutes per session. If you do anything then this you could cause harm to your body because you can overexert your muscles making you forward to injury. Also, you should only use the appropriate amount of weight for you, do not lift to heavy or to light. You will know the appropriate amount of weight after lifting a few times. You should be able to do about four to six reps per set. If you are a big beginner it is important to take between two to three minutes before set to help your muscles to recover.

Natural bodybuilding can help you to get a nicely shaped body like the pros without all the hard workouts that they do. You need to have the same self-discipline and determination that they do though. With any lifting you need to have a commitment to doing the exercise on a regular basis and the commitment to do these exercises properly and to not skip out on reps and sets.


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