Achieve Phenomenal Strength With Body Weight Exercise Routines

Think body weight exercise routines are just for warm up, or just a weak substitute for when you can not get to the gym? Think again! In terms of overall fitness, and that that I mean that lean, mean muscular look, body weight exercise routines will smoke virtually anything else like cheap crack!

Think about it like this. Your body is a unit. It is meant to work in harmony. Looks at like this, it makes virtually no sense to separate your biceps from your thighs. But that's exactly what most "bodybuilders" do. They isolate biceps and work them, then isolate their quads and work them. They never really teach their biceps and quads to work together.

But body exercise routines work so well because they do not isolate. What good does it do to have big biceps if the rest of your body has not been trained to support them. This is what old timers call "show muscle". Give me an athlete who worked his or her body in harmony using body weight exercise routines anyday.

Now granted, if you're training for a certain sport, like Olympic weight lifting, you're not doing that just using body weight exercise routines. But that's for really elite performance. As far as everyday conditioning, body weight routines can do virtually everything, if not everything you need done.

Actually, you could get into phenomenal shape using only three strength exercises and one aerobic exercise. Push-ups, sit-ups, and especially the pull up are the kings and queens of body weight exercise routines. Done right, you can get as strong as you desire just using these three exercises.

As far as cardio, you can mix in some running with this and have a better work out program than basically everyone who pays through the nose to belong to a gym.

Believe me, if you want phenomenal strength that works, body weight exercise routines are the way to go!


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