Aerobic – 3 Best Aerobic Exercises

If you want to lose weight or just maintain your silhouette, aerobic exercises are the best choice for this. You need to know the 3 main exercises to get the best results. They are jogging, swimming and cycling. In this article I will explain how you can benefit from them.

Aerobic just means "with oxygen". Blood vessels, heart, muscle and lungs are part of your aerobic system. So you can say that all exercises are aerobic but the best and most common of them is jogging. If you want to see the best result from this exercise you need to do it every day at list 60 – 90 min. Jogging helps you to get rid of the undesired body fat because you use a lot of oxygen. From this exercise your body learns to use the oxygen more efficiently. Nowadays all exercises can be done also indoor so you can say that it is a year-round activity. If you want to put your whole body to work the next exercise is the best.

Swimming it's a great aerobic exercise but its need to be performed at least 30 -60 min. For beginners this might be hard but with time you will manage to do it. For those that have problem with joints, swimming or water walking it's a great choice because the water eases stress in the joints. Swimming can rapidly increase your heart rate so those that have heart problem need to be carefully. But if you do not know how to swim there is another aerobic exercise that I think you are familiar with.

Cycling is one great aerobic exercise. If you want to perform this exercise you can go to gym and use the stationary bike or you can go outdoors and use your regular bike. Remember a simple ride through the park will not be very effective so you need to put more effort in this. A good way is to ride uphill or ride faster. This exercise is better for those that are overweight because you do not have the mechanical stress on your knees, hips and back. Cycling is also good for those who have orthopedic problems and can not walk or run for an extended period of time. Just look at each these exercises and decide what is the best for you.

Jogging every day helps fight fat. Swimming, most used in summer, it's good for people with joint problems. Cycling it's another great aerobic exercise for people that have more than 50 pounds overweight. Put these exercise into your daily routine an you will see that you health will improve and also you body will be leaner.

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