Aerobic Classes Offer More!

Aerobic classes have so much to offer you! You work your body in more ways than if you walk, run, or bike. You build coordination, work various muscle groups, improve fast twitch muscle development and improve your balance if you have a well-designed routine.

Finding a good instructor is key. You want to make sure they are certified or have a college degree in exercise physiology. Knowing how the human body works is key to creating a good aerobic routine.

Having fun during your classes is important. Being the best in the crowd is not necessary. Having good form and listening to your own body is where your focus should be. It is difficult to have fun in a class if you believe that you have to compete with the other participants. We all have our gifts. Some people are naturally coordinated while others have to work at it. I am not a natural. I have to work hard at learning new routines.

If the class uses a lot of jumping and leaping moves, known as high impact; a good instructor will demonstrate low impact examples for those who are not able to do the high impact moves. Older people and those with injuries should limit the amount of high impact they do.

Many gyms and studios label their classes as to the difficulty so you will know if the class is your level. That is extremely helpful. If they do not label the difficulty of their classes be sure to ask what type of classes the facility has so you will be able to take the appropriate level of class. You do not want to find yourself in a class that is meant only for the “super fit” unless you are highly fit. In the advanced classes no examples of low impact are generally shown and the instructor usually really pushes her students.

There are lots of different types of aerobic classes here are a few:

Step classes are very popular. If you are coordinated and have healthy knees step classes are great. Step classes can be tough on your knees and if you are not coordinated you can get hurt falling off the step.

Dance classes like “Zumba” and “Hip Hop” are packing women in! They are fun and get your heart pumping while you wiggle your hips which gives you great abs. They are generally low impact as well which makes them doable by most people.

Boot Camp classes are very effective. Know that when you enter a boot camp class you will not be babied. They are no-nonsense get the job done classes. You will be doing a lot of basic moves like push ups and jumping rope. The instructor may play the “tough guy” role for effect. Take that with a grain of salt and go at your own pace.

Spin classes generally require a pre sign up do to limited equipment. You may need special shoes. Some facilities provide them other require you to bring your own. A good instructor will have you huffing and puffing in no time. She will work your coordination by having you up and down in your seat, swinging your arms and lots of other fun moves.

Water aerobic classes are great for those who are not able to do regular “land aerobics” as well as those who just love to be in the water. The instructor will have you using the water’s resistance to challenge your muscles and lungs. All you need is your bathing suit, a towel, the willingness to work and you are ready!

Kickboxing is my favorite type of aerobic class. The moves utilize your upper and lower body very effectively. You will have lots of oxygen in your body which allows you to burn lots of fat and to keep going longer due to having so much oxygen in your system. Fat requires oxygen to become used as a fuel source. The more oxygen you have in your system the more fat you can burn. It is a large fuel source so you can keep working out for a long time and it’s by-product is water so you will be more comfortable throughout your workout session.

Most gyms and community centers offer aerobic classes. You also have the option of using workout DVDs at home or doing the DVDS with a group of people at a common location. Workout DVDS are wonderful for those days you are not able to get to the gym as well.

If you have not tried aerobic classes I highly suggest that you do. They challenge your muscles, coordination, balance and are really fun to do! They offer more than most other forms of aerobic activities.

By Lynn Hahn

Source by Lynn Hahn

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