Aerobic Exercise – Treadmill Weight Loss

Doing exercise on the treadmill is a wonderful way to lose weight. However, you need to combine it with something else if you want you weight loss on the treadmill to be effective.

Of all the aerobic exercises, the treadmill is probably the most popular. These are the machines that are always employed in the gym and are the best sellers for home gym equipment.

Many do their aerobic exercise on their treadmills every day. When you see them after a month there is very little change, if any.

Why is this?

It is because many people do not realize that they have to adapt their eating habits as well.

It will help very little if you sweat on the treadmill and continue to eat the way you did when you earned the weight you want to lose.

At best you are going to stay at the same weight, or you are still going to gain weight.

For aerobic exercise on the treadmill to be effective with helping you burn fat and lose weight, you also need to increase your metabolism and lower your calorie intake.

To increase your metabolism you need to eat more … frequently.

What, I hear you say; I can eat more and lose weight? Well, yes and no. I did not say you should eat more, I said you should eat more frequently.

The more frequently you eat, the faster your body metabolism becomes. That means your body becomes more efficient at turning your food into energy.

By combining smaller and more frequent meals through the day with aerobic exercise on the treadmill, you essentially fool your body into believing that it does not need to store fat. It "thinks" that way because it is getting fed every two to three hours.

Eat small low to medium calorie meals every two to three hours, then spend between 20 and 40 minutes on the treadmill with your aerobic exercise.

Stay away from the scale for the first three to four weeks. You will only begin to notice the difference in your weight after that amount of time.

By sticking to your aerobic exercise routine on the treadmill, and combining it with increasing your metabolism, you can have the weighting loss that escapes so many people.

Source by Tisha Diaz

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