Aerobics And Cardio Exercises – Health Benefits

Aerobics and health benefits? Aerobics or aerobic exercises basically

refer to the process of physical conditioning which is designed to improve respiratory

and circulatory efficiency. The word ‘aerobics’ itself means ‘with

oxygen’. This involves intense and sustained exercise such as swimming,

cycling, and jogging etc.

So what exactly are the health benefits of aerobics?

Regular aerobics exercise helps to keep you fit and healthy. It also helps

your body to work more efficiently and effectively.

Aerobic exercises

yield are very beneficial to your health. Aerobics if carried out consistently

and regularly can be effective in weight loss. This is mainly because it burns

calories and can potentially increase your BMR rate (basic metabolic rate).

Other benefits of aerobic exercises include:

– Aerobics improves your respiration system by strengthening your muscles that

facilitate air flow around your body

– Aerobics improves your stamina by strengthening your heart and lungs (that

is, your aerobic system)

– Aerobics tones your muscles which improves overall blood circulation around

your body

– Aerobics improves the flow of oxygen around your body

Your heart, lungs and your blood system will be strengthened through prolonged

and sustained aerobic exercise. Regular aerobics exercise will

significantly improve your health and significantly reduce health risks commonly

associated with cardiovascular problems.

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