Aerobics At Home

Staying fit and working out is something we all want to do but it normally stops there. We may have the desire but there are always excuses to not workout. Time and money are the big two but even if those are not issues, we can usually find some. Aerobics is a great workout to increase your heartbeat and burn calories. You are not lifting heavy weights but repeatedly doing a high-energy motion. This is possible even at home from a simple video.

Workout videos have come a long way over the past 20 years. We all remember Jane Fonda and her workout videos. Today we have access to hundreds of videos from low impact workouts to high impact step workouts and kickboxing. There are even videos for pregnant women, the elderly and children. Truly, something for everyone if you do some research and find some that work well for you. You can buy the old tapes or DVDs.

You do not need much to do aerobics at home from a video. An aerobic video costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $ 10 to $ 25. You do not need any expensive gym equipment, just a good pair of shoes, a step and sometimes a dumbbell.

Most videos are well done and combine talent with motivation. These instructors are very good at what they do along with being enjoyable to listen to. The style varies amongst instructors; make sure you find the one that suits you.

There are many benefits to this approach to working out. A video can be played at any time at your convenience. You do not have to wait in line for gym equipment or schedule your schedule with a personal trainer. You now have your favorite trainer in your house at your disposal 24/7. Even if you go to a gym, there are days when it may be tough to get there. A video could facilitate that busy day and keep you active until you can get back to the gym.

There is a down side to this approach. You have to be completely self-motivated. It is easier to get something done when you have a deadline or it is part of your job. This is very different since no one is making you put the video in and there are no deadlines. It is completely up to you. Of course, you can find someone to workout with, sometimes someone in you household. You may need someone to keep you accountable. Putting that video in every other day may become something you dread and working out with a partner will help.

You can also buy multiple videos to mix things up. If you watch the same video every day, you may become bored and less enthusiastic about working out. Have different videos to choose from will prevent you from becoming bored and uninterested. eBay and other online trading forums sell videos and it is a great place to add to your collection without spending a small fortune.

Working out to a video may not seem fun, but for a minimal investment, what do you have to lose? A steady workout regimen is not only healthy but it will make you feel better about yourself and give you more energy.

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