Aerobics Exercise And Setting Goals

If you have started an aerobic exercise program to start off 2008, congratulations, you are on your way to a healthier and happier you. Aerobics will aid in helping you feel more energetic and, if needed, missing some of those unwanted pounds you earned in the last year. Remember aerobics exercise like most other good things in life, is a process that takes time. You will not see results right away. Setting reasonable goals for yourself will help you to not get discouraged during your journey.

Start out nice and easy, being to over zealous can lead to major problems and can put you out of action very quickly. Trying to do things that are too difficult in the beginning can cause major injuries and set you back a long time. Fitness is a slow and steady process and it is completed in stages. Try stretching lightly, and walking to begin with and gradually work up to more intense forms of exercise.

Always remember, you did not get in the condition you are in overnight so you will not get into good shape overnight. Make exercising a lifestyle and long term goal and try not to get discouraged. The end result will be a happier, more productive and a healthier you that will carry over into every part of your life. Here are some goals you may want to set for yourself:

1.Walk at least three times a week for thirty to forty minutes each day. When you feel ready, try to walk a little faster and a little farther each time you go out. Make sure you are not working too hard. This will defeat your purpose and may reverse what you have already completed.

2.After a few weeks, you should start to feel better and have more energy. At this point you may want to reassess and graduate to another form of aerobic exercise like rowing, or an elliptical machine. Be sure you are physically ready for this change. These types of exercise are more intense and will work muscle groups you may not have used for a long time. As always start out slow.

3.After a few more weeks and as you feel ready, you will want to start to work hard. Work for at least thirty minutes four or five times a week. Work up a good sweat and remember you should not get out of breath while working out. If you are getting out of breath, you are working to hard and not staying in your appropriate heart rate range of seventy to eighty per cent.

4.After a total of three to four months from the beginning of your exercising, you should be feeling great and starting to look like a leaner person. Your clothes should be a little baggier and sometimes it will be time to go shopping for new cloths.

Remember the importance of eating properly and staying upbeat about your current condition and that it will take will-power to continue with your new life.

Source by William Rogers

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