Aerobics is Not Just For Women

There is a stereotype placed on aerobics which makes most men believe they cannot take part in it. This is a myth. These days there are many different aerobic programs designed for men to be involved in. No longer is it all about spandex and stretches. Aerobics has gone through many different transformations to get to the point it is at now. This is not to say there are not still light intensity aerobic classes designed with women in mind. There are simply more choices available for everyone who wants a good workout. The important thing is to keep an open mind when approaching fitness as you never know what you will find. You may find the aerobics class at your local gym is just what you have been looking for in order to stay motivated.

For those guys who are still reluctant to try out an aerobics class, keep in mind the best way to show off muscle is to lose the fat hiding it. It is impossible to show off a six pack or chest if there is a layer of fat covering it. Increasing your metabolism is the first step in being able to show off well defined muscles. You can spend all day lifting weights and it can actually cause you to look fatter. This is because you will develop more muscle, but do nothing to get rid of the fat. You need to get your body in motion and increase the amount of calories you are burning. This is why aerobic activity is suggested to those serious about bodybuilding.

In order to attract more men, many gyms have introduced aerobic activities which include weights. These tend to be classes which include the step. You will utilize the step in order to move your body up and down and side to side. Increasing your agility and losing muscle will increase your ability to be active. This can actually open more doors to activities which will help keep you in shape. By increasing your fitness level you will be able to enjoy sports like soccer, football and rugby. It is hard to stay light on your feet when you you are not accustomed to moving around. Do not let stereotypes stop you from trying something new.

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