Answers to Men’s Top Hot Tub Concerns About the Penis

A dip in the warm water of a hot tub can help to soothe tight, sore muscles, and ending a date in the Jacuzzi might allow couples to relax and share intimate time in a whole new way. While hot tubs can be both pleasurable and beneficial, men may have questions about the how the chemicals and hot water might impact penis health and sexual health. This article will provide answers to some of the questions circling through men’s minds before they step into the swirling water.

Can the Hot Water Hurt Fertility Rates?

A sauna bath feels therapeutic, but may be a bit too warm for the testicles, and men who regularly spend time in hot tubs may have low fertility rates as a result. Thankfully, this is a transient problem, according to a study published in 2007. Men in this study had a fertility rebound when they stayed away from the tub.

Will Whirlpool Jets Damage Sensitivity?

The tiny jets that circle a sauna bath can shoot out water at an incredibly fast rate, and placing the penis in front of those jets could provide men with quite a thrill. Engaging in this form of water aerobics shouldn’t cause a problem, as long as men do so only occasionally. The touch receptors on the penis are designed to stay close to the surface of the skin, and allowing these receptors to be bombarded with rough treatment could cause scar tissue to form and sensitivity to dip.

Are There Specific Dangers Involved in Solo Bath Play?

Experimental men have been known to get a bit aggressive with whirlpool jets, and some men have been caught with their delicate parts entrapped. Avoiding this problem is a matter of using good judgment, keeping the penis far away from the moving parts of the jets.

Can Women Get Pregnant from Whirlpool Water?

Men who use their sauna jets for solo time may worry when their female friends come calling, especially since water in a standard tub is changed only a few times each year. Thankfully, chemicals in a whirlpool bath can kill sperm quickly, and a woman who is simply sitting in the water isn’t in an active, “open” position that would allow sperm to enter. Women can get pregnant if they engage in sexual activity in a sauna bath, but women who are merely visiting are not at high risk of impending motherhood.

Are Hot Tub Chemicals Bad for Penis Skin?

Keeping the water of a steam bath clear and free of bacteria means dumping in harsh chemicals on a regular basis. Tub owners who are lax about their chemical usage can allow spores to bloom, and this can lead to skin rashes. These aren’t rashes caused by herpes or some other sexually transmitted disease. Instead, these bumps are caused by bacteria entering hair follicles. A doctor can quickly diagnose these problems, and a quick course of treatment with an antibiotic cream can make the spots disappear. On the other hand, the harsh chemicals of the water can lead to dry, irritated skin if they aren’t rinsed away when the whirlpool session is through.

What’s the Best Way to Clean Up After a Tub Session?

After a dip in the hot water, a quick rinse in the shower can help men to remove any residual chemicals from the surface of the skin. Using a mild soap on the penis can also help men to ensure that this delicate organ isn’t harboring any chemicals that could cause a problem down the line. Using a penis health crème (most experts recommend Man 1 Man Oil) can help men to keep the skin of the penis soft and responsive, repairing any drying that might have taken place during the sauna bath.

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