Aqua Aerobics – The Gym In Water

Aqua aerobics, or water aerobics is one of the most effective method of exercising. It consist of exercises that are done standing in chest deep water, usually in a swimming pool. An instructor is also usually a present who demonstrates the various exercises of arms, legs and core body. The exercises are tuned to rhytemathic music, and weights may also be used for increased resistance. In a work out of about one hour, approximately six hundred calories are burnt.

Aqua Aerobics like other forms of work out exercises help in weight loss, lowering blood sugar levels, and controlling stress. Doing Aqua Aerobics also have however extra benefits that conventional workouts can not provide. Due to our buoyancy in water, ninety percent of our body weight is supported. This means that there is less strain on joints and ligaments, and so doing it is much more enjoyable and safe for people who can not use conventional methods for any reason. Also, it is a more gradual way of building aerobic stamina and strength for people who have recently started resistance training.

Water Aerobics are very suitable for obese people. Swimming pool exercises are much more enjoyable, and so people do not get discouraged as they do while trying out regular gym exercises. Also, there is a less chance of injury as the strain on joints and ligaments is significantly reduced. This can help many people keep their motivation while carrying out fitness program.

The exercises are also very effective for such people who recently underwent any surgery or are recovering from an injury. This is because exercising in water has reduced the intensity of shocks and provide a cushioning effect against impacts. Jogging, which can not be done during a leg injury, can be done safely in water as the heavy impacts can be avoided. This technique can be used to safely exercise any injured part, thereby hastening recovery.

Pregnant women find conventional exercises particularly difficult. However, they can safely do overall exercise work in water, with reduced risk of any injury or impact to the baby. Pregnant women can there before exercise safely without any fear of damage. As they exercise more, they lead a better pregnancy period, which is beneficial for them and the babies.

Senior citizens would particularly find aqua aerobics ideal to suit their physical and social needs. Many members of this group have age-related conditions like fragile bones. More over, since many have not been doing exercise most of their lives, the extra stress can adversely hit the tissues that may not cope up. Swimming pools can also act as social meeting points where friends and family members can spend time and exercise together.

Summing up, it can be said that aerobics in water are safer and more enjoyable than conventional exercises. Not just that you can improve your shape, swimming pool exercise can help you in speeding recovery from injuries and in controlling stress. So gear up, you do not need much of equipment. All you have to do is dive!

Source by Saman Rashid

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