Athletic Body? Why Training Like a Bodybuilder Will not Work

I see a nice switch to athletic body training in the fitness industry. And all I can say is, "About time!" What seems so obvious to me seems to have a lot of people confused. Their goal is to build a strong, lean, athletic body, but the workout they use will never produce the results they seek. Let's first go over the biggest problem …

You Are Still Training Like A Bodybuilder

Whether you know it or not, most workout programs are based on bodybuilding type training. If you can rattle off muscles, talk about split workout routines and think your training should only be about building muscle … you have a bodybuilder mentality. If you base your workout program on a bodybuilding program, you probably will fail to reach your athletic body goals.

First, most bodybuilding workouts only concerned with maximizing muscle growth are very long. And unless you have 2-3 hours to spend in the gym every day, you are not going to get the muscle building results like the pro bodybuilders do. And some of you might be thinking that since you are going to do a "similar" workout, but shorter, then you'll get the "athletic" muscle you want and not the puffed up bodybuilder look. How has that thinking been working out for you so far?

Second, to build an athletic body you need to train more like an athlete, and less like a bodybuilder. Athletes are fit, and that's why they look the way they do. So, you need to train to increase your overall fitness level. Plus, you need a nice balance between strong, athletic muscle and low fat. So, you need to build strength and size and lose those performance robbing pounds of fat.

You Need Multiple Workouts To Get The Athletic Body

I wish I could tell you there was one workout that could satisfy every goal. But honestly, some people need to work more on one area more than the others to start seeing results. For example, some people have a low level of fitness and need to work on that before they can be concerned about building muscle or losing fat. The just do not have the physical capabilities to get through those type of workouts.

On the other hand, some people are fit and lean, but need to put on muscle. Or, they put on muscle easily, but need to shed a few pounds of fat to look more like an athlete. But no matter how you look at it … you need to address fitness, fat loss and muscle building at some point to absolutely achievable the athletic look you desire.

You need to rotate between three different kinds of workout with different major goals … Fitness, Fat Loss and Strength & Size. Each of these workouts should be slanted to the specific goal of the workout, but not work against the other goals. For example, when you are doing the fitness workout you could put on muscle and burn fat. Of when fat loss is your goal you should be burning fat in a way that also increases fitness and builds (or keeps), useful muscle. Same for the strength and size workouts.

So, the key to getting the athletic body you want is to change the way you think about working out. Stop training like a bodybuilder if you do not want to be one, and start training like an athlete if you want to look like one. Use a variety of workouts designed to build the athletic body you seek, without sabotaging the other performance and appearance goals. I think you find that by approaching your workouts this way … you'll build the strong, lean, athletically muscular body that not only performs great, but turns heads as well.


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