Athletic Weight Training Is Best For Your Goals

I'm just going to come out and say it.

Stop bodybuilding and start athletic weight training. If you are not a bodybuilder, or aspire to be one, then do not train like one. Bodybuilding training is great for bodybuilding, but it is not the answer for a high level of fitness or an attractive, athletic body. There, I said it.

Just so we¡¯re clear, here is what I mean when I say bodybuilding. Bodybuilding uses sets, reps and loads with only one goal in mind, building muscle. The exercise selection strides to isolate muscles and beats the body as a collection of specific muscles. Often, split routines are used where the body is split into different parts and trained in groups, like back and bi, chest and tri, etc.

Sound familiar?

The "success" of a bodybuilding program is based on appearance, not performance. The size and shape of the muscles are the goal, the only goal. (Of course, fat loss plays a role, but is done only so you can SEE the muscles better, and not for health or performance reasons.) the quest for larger muscles.

So, why do so many exercisers who are not bodybuilders end up doing bodybuilding routines?

One of the driving forces to exercise is to look better. You look in the mirror and notice you are out of shape. Literally, your shape is out of whack. You're covered in fat in places you should not be, and lacking in muscle where it should be. Changing your appearance is the main goal. Since the only goal of bodybuilding is changing appearance by building large muscles and eliminating fat covering them, it is easy to see how people make the transition to bodybuilding training.

But, more often than not, bodybuilding does not fit with the overall goals of the exerciser. How many times have I heard, "I want to put on some muscle, but I do not want to look like a bodybuilder!" Too many to count.

In my opinion, most exercisers want the strong, lean, athletic body of an athlete. They want a body with strong, hard muscles and void of fat. But they also want to feel and perform better. They want their weight training to improve health and enable them to meet the challenges of sport, work and life with excellence. So, they want to be more like an athlete than a bodybuilder.

Athletic weight training is better for most exercisers goals than bodybuilding training. It treats you as an athlete, not a bodybuilder. This change in weight training helps you perform better and feel better, and results in the muscular, lean, athletic body most exercisers want.

So ask yourself. Do you want to look like an athlete or a bodybuilder? If you answer "bodybuilder", then you already know what to do. (Most of the information on weight training is based on bodybuilding practices). If you answer "athlete", you're going to have to look a little harder. But finally reaching your fitness, fat loss and physique goals make it worth the effort!


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