Awesome Bodybuilding Routines For Skinny Guys

If you are thin and have been working out for a while or just started … STOP! Do not go any further until you read this important article.

And the reason you should read this article is because the bodybuilding routines that you are currently using may not be the best for your body type.

Seriously …

You see … skinny guys … stick and twig people … have to follow a whole different set of rules if they want to gain muscle weight … and believing that you can not ever gain weight is a myth!

I gained 30 pounds of muscles in one year … and I never thought it was possible. So understand this … you CAN gain muscles … you just have to do it differently.

But for the purposes of this article … I'm going to give you what I think is the best exercises for each muscle group that you can incorporate into your weight lifting routines.

Ready? Then here we go:

For your chest … the bench press and flat dumbbell chest press is best.

For your back … bent over barbell or dumbbell rows and close grip chin ups.

For your shoulders … enclosed dumbbell shoulder press and the standing military press

For your triceps … triceps press downs and dips

For your biceps … Incline dumbbell curls and standing barbell curls

For your quads … forward and backward lunges and squats

For your calves … standing calf raises

For your abdominal … cable crunches and weighed ball sit ups

I believe all these exercises are the best you can do to stress your muscles and force them to grow. Stick with the basic workouts and do not try to get fancy. And you are good to go …


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