Best Aerobic Exercise to Lose Weight – Top 5 Types of Aerobics For Cardio & Weight Loss Now

Aerobic Exercises to burn fat are the best cardio/weight Loss exercises and lots of people swear by them. They have sustained calorie burning effect that is unmatched by other exercises. Aerobic exercise consists of activities not using high intensity, but rather moderate power intensity, and does not require extreme power.

Here are the best types of aerobic exercise:

1. Walking – this is one of the most available and simplest form. Depending on your fitness level, you can very the intensity, and this only require walking shoes; no other special equipment. You can do this outdoors or indoors(malls, treadmill, indoor track). This is a good first choice for starting programs.

2. Cycling – this is another aerobic exercise with great value and wide appeal. You can have a regular bike or a stationary one. This is good for individuals who have orthopedic problems or arthritis, who are unable to walk for extended period of time without difficulty or pain.

3. Elliptical, Ski Machines, Steppers, Stair Climbers – they provide a good workout and each has its own unique drawbacks and strengths. They may be too strenuous to be enjoyable, but they provide good benefits for persons with low fitness level even at lowest settings.

4. Swimming – this is an excellent one, but there are considerations to be made before starting a program. It may be difficult activity to maintain the appropriate intensity for the recommended 30 to 60 minutes for beginners, low-fit, or non-swimmers. This is also less efficient than walking or cycling since it focuses on the smaller upper body musculature.

5. Aerobic dance & jogging – This is a beneficial and safe exercise for those highly fit. They can be done indoors, so you can do them year-round.

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