Body Types – Are You a Ectomorph, Mesomorph Or Endomorph?

Ever wanted to know why your fat, skinny or in between? Why other people can eat anything they want but still not put a drop of fat onto their body?

It all comes down to genetics and realizing that everybody has different body types. Each body has certain features and the main body typesare Ectomorph, Mesomorph and Endomorph. What are you??

Ectomoprh’s are the skinny people who can eat anything they want and still stay thin. They had small shoulders a skinny frame and the fastest metabolism. It’s the hardest for them to put on muscle, and need to consume more calories and rest more in order to put on muscle mass. They don’t need to do too much cardio but focus on weights.

Endomorphs are the individuals that a have lots of body fat and gain weight really easily compared to other body types. They can gain muscle easily but gain fat at the same time. Because they have a slow metabolism they have to concentrate on cardio heavily as well as weights to keep their body in shape.

Mesomorphs have the body that is perfect for bodybuilding. They are naturally built, and have well defined muscles. They can lose fat with out to much effort and they can gain muscle the same way. You could say they are gifted to have this body type!

Within the 3 body types you can also be a mixture between two of them, and body types are just a guideline. No matter what body type you have it wont hold you back from gaining muscle or losing fat. Each body has it advantages and disadvantages so you just need to work around it.

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