Body Weight Workouts

About 5 years ago I bought a couple of books from this guy, Matt Furey, which totally changed the way that I worked out. Up to that point, my workouts focused on weight training. I quickly sold all of my free weights and have never looked back.

After purchasing Furey’s books, I realized that I had benefited greatly from bodyweight exercises when I was in high school. I wrestled one season. I also did not lift any weights during the entire season. They were not part of our team workouts, and who had the energy to workout with weights after practice.

After wrestling season was over, I went back into the weight room. The first time I was on the bench, after warming up, I was able to bench press 25 pounds more than my previous best. I was amazed because I hadn’t touched a barbell for over 3 months!

After going through the course that I purchased, I realized that there were a lot of exercises in the book that I did in wrestling practice. Why didn’t I just keep doing those workouts after wrestling?! Can’t regret the past. The great thing is you can start exactly where you are and actually see results with body weight workouts.

Another great benefit to body weight workouts is you can see results without having to dedicate incredible amounts of time. In fact, you can probably see results working out for less than 20 minutes per day. Who can’t do that?

Body weight workouts are great for people who travel and are on the go. You do not need a gym and you do not need any equipment. The only thing you probably should have is a mat or comfortable piece of carpeting. Yoga mats can work.

Since buying my first book, I’ve purchased several other books and courses on body weight workouts, power yoga and other similar topics. They are all good. I like to vary my workouts and having information from different sources helps greatly with this. Check out some body weight workouts. You will be pleased.


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