Bodybuilding Training For Younger Athletes

It is very difficult to stop you child from bodybuilding especially if they are very intent to look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or other Hollywood actors who see on TV who have very well developed body physiques. There are some parents who are strongly oppose there children to participate in bodybuilding while other parents allow there kids to lift weights and indulge in this sport. If you are a parent and you are not sure whether to allow your kid to start lifting weights then the best advice I can give you is to give them the go ahead to start weight training.

We all know how kids can be stubborn sometimes and the more you deny them from weight training the more stubborn they will be and start weight training behind your back. You however need to seriously consider certain issues. If you child is very young the training techniques they use need to be very different from the training techniques of slightly older kids. The reason is because they have not fully matured in terms of anatomical development as well as physiological and emotional development.

Since they are children then this means that there skeletons are still undeveloped. The skeletons and bones of a person to not reach full maturity until a person reach age 14-22 years. With girls the factor concerning the skeleton structure is even more critical because any factor affecting there bone health is going to affect them even when they become adults. Therefore the girl child needs to be extra careful when selecting the training technique that they are going to apply when bodybuilding.

There are various growth related ailments which may affect children when they take up bodybuilding such as Osgood Schlatter disease. Since children have a very small body then this means that they have a greater surface area and therefore they are not able to regulate body body temperature as effectively as grown ups. Therefore as a parent you need to ensure that your child undertakes plenty of warm up exercises before they begin weight training. This will help your child to avoid injuries when training with weights. When it comes to perspiration children do not perspire as much as adults do and because of these they have increased chances of suffering from heat exhaustion as well as heat strokes.

They also have a lot of difficulty increasing there strength and the amount of body muscles because they have undeveloped muscular systems and also there muscular mass is not the same size as the one for grown ups. The factor which influences the growth of children is a neurological factor which is not the case for adults whose growth will be influenced by muscle growth factors. When developing the training regimen for your child you need to ensure that you get medical clearance first so that you can be able to determine in advance whether the kid is suitable to undertake weight training exercises or whether they are too young for this kind of training.


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