Bodybuilding Workouts – 4 Exercises to Maximize Your Sex Appeal

Let’s stop kidding ourselves; vanity is a big part of bodybuilding workouts. You don’t want to get in shape just to be healthy or strong. You want to look as sexy and attractive as possible to the opposite sex. If you’re a guy, you want women to be drooling after your hot ripped body. And as a woman, you want men have to pick their jaws up off the floor because you’re so drop dead gorgeous they can’t even speak.

We usually don’t talk about any of this. But it’s a deep part of our human psyche and it’s fun to think about.

Now let’s look at the 4 bodybuilding workouts and exercises to maximize your sex appeal.

In survey after survey, a well trained stomach and six pack abs rank high as one of the biggest factors of physical sex appeal. The bottom line, no one likes a pudgy stomach. One of life’s most agonizing conundrums is: How do I get firm and sexy abs without having to do a gazillion boring sit-ups? That’s what we are going to look closer at today. The right bodybuilding workouts will get you there.

1. The Abs Push Up.

To do this exercise, start in a push up position and tighten your abs. Then bend your left leg and move your left knee up beneath your stomach, diagonally toward your right shoulder, and then back. Repeat this exercise twenty times and then do the same exercise using the other leg.

2. Chopping Wood.

Start in the squat position and hold a free-weight of a light to medium weight in front of your left angle. Then extend your legs and move your hands toward the opposite (right) shoulder. Also do this one twenty times.

3. Scissor Kicking.

Position yourself on your back and place your hands under your lower back for balance. Then keeping your low back pressed tightly against the floor raise both of your legs, pointing straight, a few inches off the floor. Next, while contracting your abdominal muscles and keeping your back pressed closely to the floor, raise your right leg straight up in a 90-degree angle. Then in a fast tempo bring your right leg down its previous position while at the same time lifting the left leg. Continue this alternate exercise twenty times. (I know, many of these bodybuilding workouts are “oldies but goldies,” but that’s because they actually work.)

4. Alternate Twist.

Sit down on the floor, bend your knees and stretch your arms out in front of you, fingers interlocked. Then lean back slightly so that your chest is at a forty-five degree angle in relation to the ground. All the while remembering to always keep your abs contracted. Secondly, begin twisting your body from one side to another, still keeping your abs tight and leaning back a little bit. Also do this one twenty times.

There you have them. Four bodybuilding workouts and exercises that will get you started toward the body of your dreams that others will be jealous of and silently wish they had.


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