Bodyweight Training for Crazy Results

Crazy results is exactly what to expect when you train using your bodyweight

as resistance. Very few people will give bodyweight training a chance

because of what is read or on the news… Big mistake.

You can become incredibly fit at home with nothing more then your

own bodyweight-this is a fact.

The military uses bodyweight training to strip the fat from young recruits

and to get them in fighting shape in a few short weeks. Why ? It works

and it always has worked.

The men and woman that protect us and fight for freedom are trained using

their own bodyweight as resistance and do a fine job, they don’t stand in

the gym and do curls in front of the mirror or spend an hour bench pressing

they run, jump, leap, crawl, climb, sprint to stay alive, this can not be duplicated

in the gym.

Our law enforcement officers use bodyweight circuits in the police academy to

get them ready to protect us and themselves, bodyweight training always has

and always will work.

The results you get from bodyweight training is strength and muscular endurance,

aerobic and anaerobic will be built as well as flexibility, all in one workout.

A great time saver and fitness builder.

A basic bodyweight circuit of pushups, Leg raises, pullups and some short sprints

will make a great intense workout. Nothing fancy just hard work and sweat.

In as little as 5 to 10 minutes a day is all you need to get a great workout in

and burn a ton of fat too.

Try a little sample workout: You need about 10 yards to do this workout.

25 pushups – sprint 10 yards – 25 leg raises.

Continue as fast as you can non-stop for 5 to 10 minutes or until you have

had enough.


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