Build Upper Body Strength With Primal Plyometrics

For those of you interested in building upper body strength without having to use unwieldy or expensive equipment, you should consider getting into upper body primal plyometrics! By using plyometrics, you will harness your own body weight in such a way that you can get a great workout and build strength fast anywhere you go. Simply learn the following techniques, exercise techniques that can be employed in a pinch using just your body weight and gravity (and sometimes a small piece of equipment), and before you know it you’ll be tightening up those muscles and gaining tons of strength and power. They’re easy for almost anyone with a bit of athletic experience to jump into, and they’ll serve you well long after you’ve mastered them.

Plyo Push-ups

To do this explosive twist on the classic push-up, assume the standard position: feet together and hands under your shoulders resting on the ground. Dip down as if you were doing a standard push-up, but instead of simply pushing up, explode upwards so that your hands come off the floor. Then, catch yourself and repeat as many times as you can. If you like, you can throw in claps at the top of each movement to force yourself even higher and to build primal upper body strength even faster.

Overhead Throws

For this one, you’ll want to use a medicine ball weighing no more than 5 pounds. In a pinch, a basketball will do just fine. Stand facing a wall, with the ball in front of you. Raise the ball over your head and then throw it as hard as you can against the wall, making sure it bounces back to you off the floor. Catch the ball, bring it back over your head, and repeat. Go as hard as you can for maximum core exertion and total primal strength building.

Vertical Scoop Toss

Again, use a medicine ball. Stand with your feet slightly wider than your shoulders and swoop the ball down between your legs, cupping it the entire time. Explode upwards and throw the ball as high as you can above you. Let the ball fall, bounce once, and then grab it, swoop it between the knees and repeat the exercise.


Sort of an assisted handstand push-up performed at maximum intensity, the wall-up will wear you out and build your shoulder strength. Get into headstand position with your heels resting lightly against the wall, hands slightly closer than shoulder width apart. Bend your elbows slightly, then explode upwards into a full headstand. Use your heels for traction and assistance if you need it. Let your feet fall back to the ground and then resume the position. Repeat as needed. Do enough of these and your upper body strength will explode!

Incline Push-up Depth Jump

Don’t let the long name fool you – this one’s a pretty simple upper body strength building exercise. You’ll need a few items, though: two mats or boxes, 3-4 inches thick; and an 8-12 inch box. Get into the push-up position, placing your feet on the taller box. Put the mats in front of you, a bit further than shoulder width apart. Place your hands in between the mats and perform a push-up. Explode upwards and land on the mats. Perform another push-up, this time landing back in between the mats. Repeat. Again, you can incorporate the clap to blast your pecs and build upper body strength.

Source by Mark Sisson

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