Building Muscle The Right Way

Everyone these days, men and women alike, dream of having that perfect body, but what people do not realize is it does not have to cost the earth to have your body look good.

There is a whole industry out there dedicated to selling you everything from annual gym memberships and the latest keep fit machines to fat free food and not forgetting the health food supplements that the health industry says you need to attain that "Adonis" look.

Some people in their quest to get that "perfect body" will spend thousands of their hard earned cash not realizing that the perfect body can be attained for less money that you think, all it takes is knowing what system will work for you.

People even put their own body in danger by delving into that murky world of steroids that, like smoking, is definitely not good for you. The whole billion dollar industry is based on a promise that you can not tone your body without some type of artificial interference, people have got to realize that they do not need steroids in any shape or form.

The way forward in all this body is beautiful trend is now leaning toward the natural way of doing things, by making your body work and gain muscle naturally for itself. Steering away from such things as high impact exercises that will in time damage your joints, vitamin supplements that your body does not need and steroids that are just plain dangerous.

What you need is to exercise with a regime or system that suits your lifestyle and of course, eat more healthily as well as cutting down on your daily calorie intake.

How many of us have bought that gym or exercise bike that is used with gusto for the first few weeks then retires from its intended keep fit role to sit in the corner of the bedroom forlorn and unused and now is used to hang your clothes on !

But there is hope for you … you can start easy at first, try walking outside in the fresh air for at least 45 Minutes four times a week to build up your body's stamina then after a few weeks try walking for 4 minutes at a normal pace then alternate to walking at a harder pace for another 4 minutes then back to walking at a normal pace. By simply alternating your walking pattern every 4 minutes between a normal and hard walking pace you will almost double your body's stamina and will build up your leg muscles.

By walking and getting your body used to exercise you will find it easier to loose weight and tone up your body's muscles making it easier to stick to the work out program you choose to do.

Not only is walking in the countryside good for your body, it is also good for your own sense of well being and contentment. There is also the added bonus of no gym fees to pay to exercise in the great and beautiful outdoors.

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