Choosing Muscle Building Programs That Are Right For You

The goal of a muscle building program is to build muscle, so when you examine a potential program, you need to ask yourself, "Is this program geared to helping me build muscle?" Let's look at some key aspects to consider in picking your program.

Cardio vs Weight Bearing Exercise

If it is a program that has a lot of cardiovascular exercise in it, but not a lot of weight training or other exercises that are going to stimulate muscle growth, then give you the results you are looking for, then maybe that is not the right program for you. Look for one that is 70% weight training and 30% cardio, or maybe 100% weight training and look to get your cardio exercise outside of the muscle building program.

Time Commitment

Another thing in choosing a muscle building program that is right for you is that you need to understand what your level of commitment is going to be. If you are willing to put some other activities on hold to make time in your schedule for an exercise routine, then that is the level of commitment that you are making to the program. Look at the different programs with an eye to how many days a week you will need to devote to the program. It may be that a shorter time cycle commitment would be better in the beginning, as you grow in capability you can make adjustments as needed. This is particularly useful if you end up specializing in training certain muscle groups that are not being as responsive to the baseline program.

Variety of Workouts

The next thing in terms of picking a muscle building program that is right for you is the routines needs to provide some variety in the types of exercises that you do. If you start out with five upper body exercises and four lower body exercises, and you never vary those exercises, then it is likely that you will reach a plateau or be stagnant in some way. That's not good because the goal of your program is to increase the size and strength of your muscles, not be stagnant. So, it is important to look for a program that has some variety to it.

Training Equipment

The last thing is that your building building program could be using weights as your training tool, or exercise machines such as what you would see at a fitness center or health club. You may also be using exercises that depend on your body weight as resistance for exercising your muscles. Any and all of these are potential ways to execute the exercise program that you are looking at. The key is to be aware of these different elements when choosing an approach that is right for you.

Keep these items in mind as you look at different programs, make a selection based on the criteria that you determine is the most important. Then go ahead and get started. If you use that workout for 1, 2, 3 months and find that it is getting a little stale and need to explore something different, do not be afraid to make a change. At least you laid down some parameters, evaluated some programs, made a selection and got started. That is the key, if you never start, you will never move toward your goals. Make sure the muscle building program you start is going to help you based on what your goals and objectives are.


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