Colon Cleansing – Health and Bodybuilding Performance

Bodybuilding shows are often wont on who has the most strong points, but on who has the less weak points. For many bodybuilders, a weak area that can not be improved upon is the waistline. Crunches and other abdominal training work can actually make a waistline THICKER. For this reason, many professional bodybuilders do very little abdominal training in the off-season. Cardio, while it reduces body fat, does nothing to reduce the width of the waistline or the flatness of the stomach. What additional option does one have for shrinking the waistline?

There is one solution that has been used more and more in recent years, as the level of competition in bodybuilding shows grows tougher and tougher: Colon cleansing (or an enema). There is a certain level of discomfort that often companies this topic in discussion, but it is a reality of life that many do have to face for medical issues, not of vanity. However, this safe and healthy technique is good for removing undesired waste from the body, and many believe it improves well being and comfort, as well as the waistline measurements.

The enema technique involves introducing liquids into the rectum then colon, via the rectum. It does not sound fun, but it's quick and painless. There are home kits containing single-use bottles with syringes for injecting. The directions are very clear, and the procedure is very quick. Used frequently among the elderly, many are discovering the usefulness of using it at youngger ages to improve vitality and health.

For most professional bodybuilders, the colon cleansing technique is an automatic part of the morning-of-show preparations. Imagine being able to shrink the waistline by 1-2 inches immediately. The smaller waist makes the shoulders appear larger, and the additional V-taper means additional points in the final placing. The technique has begun to trickle down from the pros, to top national competitors, to regional bodybuilders, as competitors seek every edge available.

Colon cleansing should not be done very frequently – twice per year unless your doctor tells you otherwise. You are inserting foreign fluids into the internals of the body, so caution should be taken for hygienic purposes. Infection can occur if care is not taken. Always read the instructions and consult a doctor before starting this or any new medical procedure. If you're a high level bodybuilder and discover you're your stomach / gut protrudes a bit more than you'd like, giving this technique a try. You have nothing to lose, except several unwanted pounds in the right area.


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