Common and Uncommon Bodybuilding Myths Explained

There are very many bodybuilding myths which I will try to dislose in this article so that they do not hinder you from achieving your bodybuilding progress. Some of these myths have made many people to fail in there goal to succeed in bodybuilding since they were not properly informed in advance. These myths include;

1. The moment you stop training, your muscles will be converted to fat

I bet you have had this myth if you are very keen about bodybuilding and weight training. Many people use this myth in order to excuse themselves so that they do not weight train or take up bodybuilding as a sport. The other reason why this myth is propagated is because some people use it to put down other weight lifters. The notice that muscles can turn into fat is as ridiculous as saying milk can turn into honey. This is because the two are very separate and different entities and it is hard to imagine one transforming into another. The reason why a person gains fat when they stop bodybuilding is not due to the conversion of muscles into body fat but it is because they have retained there old eating habits and yet they do not couple this with weight training. This leads to excess calories and they will be converted into body fat.

2. The stimulation of muscle growth occurs when your muscles burn

This is also another myth which is very common among weight trainers. When you feel a burning sensation in your muscles it does not signify the onset of muscle growth, all it means is that you are accumulating lactic acid in your muscles. The accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles usually occurs as a result of intestinal weight training which is characterized by many reps. Due to the many reps your body is not left with sufficient time to be able to get rid of the lactic acid which is building up at a faster rate than it is being removed from the body. The major cause of the burning sensation in the muscles is due to using low weights but with higher reps, and even though your muscles wont get very large you will be able to muscular density, capillary density, and your overall endurance.

3. The fastest way to get abs is by doing sit ups

This is also another common myth among weight lifters who want to get six packs. No matter how many crunches you perform you can not be able to see your six packs unless you first work on your abdominal fat. The key to losing this fat is very simple, you need to watch your diet and do a lot of cardio vascular exercises.

4. You should not work out for less than an hour

This is also another myth which is very common among weight trainers. The only way you can be able to work out for more than one hour is if you are on steroids. When you train for more than one hour you are overtraining and this could lead to injuries.


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