Dance Fitness Shoes – Choosing a Shoe For Zumba Class

One of the most frequently asked questions I get as a Zumba instructor is regarding the type of shoe to wear. Zumba is a cardio exercise class that combines both dancing and fitness moves. A regular dance shoe will not have the shock absorption for the impact of exercise, and an athletic shoe that is strictly for training may not have the lightness and movement capabilities needed for dancing.

The answer is to get a dance-fitness or dance-aerobic shoe. With the increased popularity in dance-fitness classes such as cardio salsa, hip-hop fitness and Zumba, the shoe manufacturers have come out with a great assortment of aerobic type training shoes geared to the dance-fitness enthusiast. These shoes have multi-directional support and very little tread on the sole. They are lightweight and make it easy to pivot and glide across the floor.

When choosing the right shoes for your feet, read the reviews or descriptions online. If you have a wide foot, narrow foot, or high arch, for example, there may be a brand of shoe that is better suited for you. Nike and Ryka brands have a popular selection of dance aerobic shoes to choose from.

Adding a well-cushioned insert to the shoe will make it much more comfortable. Take out the insert that the shoe comes with and place in one that is designed specifically for cross training or aerobics. Replacing the inserts often will extend the life of the shoe itself.

Athletic shoes should be replaced every 3 to 6 months, depending on how much mileage you put on them. When you feel your knees and legs begin to ache after exercise it could mean that it is time to get a new pair of shoes.

In summary, the best shoe for a dance-fitness class is one that is lightweight, supportive and has little tread on the sole. Find one specifically made for dance-fitness or dance aerobics. When you are wearing the right shoes you will have a better exercise experience, you will stick to your exercising and you will have more fun.

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