Dancing – The Best Aerobic Exercise For Women

Dancing is an art form, a way to express yourself, a great way to reduce stress, and an easy way to loose weight. I have danced my whole life. I did ballet for 9 years, then hip hop, and now I dance with my 5 year old daughter around the house, and pretty much every time I have a couple of drinks in me. Every time I dance I am completely happy. Dancing is an amazing form of exercise because it is incredibly fun and gives you a total body work out. You can work out just about every muscle group in the body and keep your heart rate up.

One of the most fun and current dance forms used as exercise in gyms all over the nation is zumba. Let me tell you, this is FUN. I took my first zumba class about year ago and fell in love. Zumba is a Latin dance aerobics class that usually lasts 45 min to an hour. It incorporates salsa and hip hop and is very fast paced. Your heart rate will stay up the whole time. By the end of the class you will have gotten an incredible workout without even realizing it.

If dancing has never really been your thing and you feel a little uncomfortable dancing in front of other people, rent a dance workout DVD. It’s a great way to give it a try and workout in your own living room. This is also a great way to teach yourself to dance and move if you want to practice before dancing with a group. I love to pop a DVD in and workout in the morning or lunch time. My favorite is hip hop abs.

Feeling the energy & dieting power of aerobic dance is an exciting and fun way to break up the monotany of your workout routine. I get so bored with ellipticals, bikes, and treadmills. I love to dance and will continue to dance my whole life.

Source by Sarah E Franklin

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