Discover Why You Must Train Hard In Order To Promote Weight Loss And Body Fat Loss

It is important when trying to lose body fat to use a mixture of good diet and plenty of exercise. One thing that you really need to ensure with your exercise however is to make sure that you train hard.

We’ve all seen those people down the gym, exercising on the treadmill whilst reading a book or turning the page of a magazine. If you are one of those types of people then you can just forget fat loss.

Here is a simple fact. If you are not sore from doing you daily workout then you are not training hard enough to burn fat. It is that simple. Ideally you need to train for a maximum fifty minutes in order to burn fat but unless this exercise leaves you fatigued then you are pretty much wasting your time.

The irony of training in order to build new muscle to lose fat is that you have to train hard enough to create muscle damage, and this means over loading the muscle. This type of muscle trauma is good because the muscle in effect tells itself that in order to be able to cope with this level of work it needs to get it’s act together and add more muscle to do so.

If your workout is not causing you discomfort for the next twenty four to forty eight hours you need to rethink your workout routine.

The key to this kind of training process is to do each routine for around four weeks. Once this period of time is up then the body will have got used to this particular exercise regime so you then need to change to a different one for another four weeks and so rotating your programs will be most beneficial to losing weight and body fat.

It is also important to do the right types of exercises which is a mix of both strength building and also cardiovascular. The popular misconception is that cardio is really the only exercise you need to do to effectively burn fat. This is not actually correct because is a combination of high energy exercise plus enough muscle bulk to burn off those excess calories which will not only burn calories at the time of exercise but will also burn more calories whilst perform just mundane daily task such as walking, ironing or playing with the kids.

It is this that will also help you promote permanent weight loss.


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