Exercises to Help Reduce Candida Infections

Can exercising reduce yeast infections and cure them naturally? Yes! If you want to significantly impact your body’s ability to fend off excess candida, exercise is one of the best things you can do for yeast infection fighting as well as your overall health and wellness.

While we all need a little bit of yeast bacteria in our bodies to help with digestion and bacteria, candida that replicate beyond optimal levels create havoc in our bodies and many negative side effects ensue.

Fighting recurring candida infections involves many lifestyle changes including diet and exercise as well as the need for specific supplements in some cases. By exercising on a regular basis, you can make a big difference and it can happen in just five minutes a day. Here are some exercises you can do to help your body’s ability to fight off candida albicans from multiplying at an unhealthy level, which is what causes yeast infections or Candidiaisis.

Sweating and Candida

Sweating is a great way to rid your body of toxins so exercising with a lot of clothing on is important. Don’t forget to stay well hydrated and eat a balanced diet when you exercise and when undertaking a new exercise regimen it is important to have it cleared by your doctor, particularly if you have any other health problems.

Weight loss and a healthy diet are also helpful for fighting yeast infections. Those with a sedentary lifestyle and poor dietary habits create a haven for yeast that multiplies fastest in a toxic, sedentary environment.

Aerobics to fight Albicans Yeast

Aerobics gets the heart pumping and helps oxygenate the body. Oxygen increases the pH level of your body and if your pH level is in the ideal zone, candida albicans can’t thrive.

Rebounding and Candida

Rebounding is a cellular exercise that involves jumping on a mini trampoline and doing various exercises. Rebounding and candida fighting is something increasingly being looked at because of the many health benefits of rebounding exercise which takes pressure off your joints and helps you burn more calories in a shorter time without getting as tired and sore as you would from other exercises. Rebounding also helps your body’s white blood count increase, which strengthens your body’s immune system. An increased immune system can help your body naturally fight off candida.

One of the great things about rebounding is that people who are sedentary can begin this type of exercise quickly and easily. Even the elderly or very overweight can start off with easy and low impact rebounding exercises and escalate to high levels of fitness quickly. The rebounder cleanses the lymphatic system, burns calories and tones the body.

When you begin, start with five-minute increments and gradually increase to twenty minutes per day for increased benefits. If you are concerned about your ability to jump on the rebounder unaided, consider buying a model that has a stability bar for you to hold onto while jumping.

Other exercises that can be helpful include Pilates, Yoga, Cycling and strength-training. Any exercise can be helpful in fighting recurring yeast infections.

Your health can be significantly improved with a healthy diet and exercise. Along with increasing your activity level, a candida diet can be really helpful in naturally eradicating yeast infections from your life.

Source by Matthew Bredel

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