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Aerobic training is one of the few things on this earth that we can do without investing a fortune to implement. All we need is a strong desire to better our personal health for our own sake and that of our loved ones. Get some good tips and advise to start today!

Aerobics Work. Do not Be A Couch Potato. Start Today!

Here is the best definition of AEROBICS:

"exercise in the presence of air" or "exercise in the presence of oxygen"

This is any exercise that you do for more than 20 minutes that uses the large muscles of your body and causes heavy respiration. It makes you very tired.

Aerobics can be done for several hours. The more regularly you do it, the longer you can last. The best part is you will have much more energy and feel great. It's also great for your skin, because of the increased blood flow.

Here are a few examples of aerobic exercises:

1. Swimming
2. Walking
3. Jogging
4. Stepping
5. Bicycling
6. Combination of exercises

Lets look at a few factors that has a direct effect on your aerobic fitness:

* Heredity

Our genes play an important role in how well our bodies respond to aerobic exercise. About 40% of our potential to perform well comes from our parents.

* Training

The more the body does something, the more it gets used to it and the easier it gets to do. This is the same with aerobics. The first few times you might feel like dying when staring out, but it gets much easier after a few tries. The key is to get into a routine, because if you slack down or break your routine, your body will have to adapt all over again.

* Age

Yes, age really does matter. Our fitness levels decline as we age. However if we do aerobics consistently, there will not be that big of a difference.

* Body fat

We all know that the heavier we get, the more tired we are. If we are tired it is difficult to get into the right mindset to start exercising. Here we will need lots of self motivation and desire.

* Gender

This may come as a surprise, but women have less aerobic potential than men. Yes, it actually sounds strange, because we tend to see more women than men doing aerobics.

* Activity

OK, this is a no-brainer. The more active we are, the more fit we are. So if you're not exercising right now, you can still restore you fitness levels in a couple of weeks by getting into a daily routine!

So there are quite a few reasons to start exercising today, but the most important one is a longer, happier and purposeful life. Not to mention all the money you will save in medical costs.

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To Your Health and Wealth.

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