Get Your Body Moving – Aerobics

Something that is becoming much and much more popular here in the United States is aerobic exercise. Aerobics certainly are not something new to American society. I can remember my mother going out to aerobics classes 20 years ago, and they were very popular back then. Just because something is old because that does not mean that it's outdated. I mean, people have been exercising for the past who knows how many thousands of years and it still is as beneficial to day, if not more beneficial because of the fact that as Americans we tend to be more sedentary and we eat to much.

Like I said before, I remember my mother boy off to a robust class when I was just a young boy. She had come across the picture that someone had taken her, and it was not all that flattering. In fact it was probably one of the worst pictures I've ever seen up my mother. The next thing I knew that picture was hanging on the refrigerator, and my mother was taking classes for an hour three times a week. She would get dressed up in her aerobics outfit, usually sweatpants and a pair of speakers and a loose fitting shirt, and out the door she would go only to come home about an hour later all sweaty. The great thing is that my mother lost a lot of weight taking those aerobics classes, and you can too. Aerobics exercise tends to get your heart rate really going strong, and they get your body moving in all directions, your arms, your legs, even your neck. This can have a well good effect when you and your body. And when you lose weight and trimmed down not only to you feel better physically, but you feel better mentally as well.

Yes, aerobics have been around for many years, and I expect them to be around for many years more. For cardiovascular fitness, and weight loss, when used in conjunction with a good diet regimen, you really can not beat the effects that aerobics exercise can have on your body. So break out those sweatpants, get all your great tennis shoes, and join in aerobics class in your area today.

Source by Steve Miers

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