Go Ahead, Try Aerobics

Once you join a gym there are a lot of options on how to tailor your work out to fit you needs and goals. For some people some time on the treadmill followed by a weight routine is just the right thing. Some people are content to do only cardio equipment while at the gym while others head straight for the weights. Another great option that can combine cardio and toning is aerobics or group fit classes.

Most gyms offer a wide range of classes from Yoga to Spinning, Step Class to Muscle Conditioning. Whatever you are trying to work on chances are there is a class for you. But how do you decide where to start and how do you actually work up the courage to attend a class?

Start out by looking at a list of the classes offered. From that list see what options would fit into your schedule. Once you have narrowed down the list it is time to try them out. This can be a scary thing if you have never tried a class before or it has been a long time since your last class. Do not worry new people try classes everyday.

If you are new to working out try not to start with an advanced class. If that is the only option, arrive a few minutes early to the class and tell the instructor, they may be able to show you some low impact options for the high impact moves. If you are trying a step class for every move that is done on a step there is an option for doing it on the floor. If you are trying a weight training class start with light weights or no weight at all until you get a feel for the class. If you give a spin class a try you can vary your resistance to a level comfortable for you. Keep in mind that you do not want to rush things right away but you are here to work out so find a level that is comfortable but still a challenge.

How do you know if you are working out hard enough or too hard? One option is to wear a heart rate monitor this is a good way to make sure you are not exceeding the 80% level. Another way is to check your pulse during the work out. Most aerobic rooms will have a chart that is according to age.

Aerobics can be a fun way to exercise. The music is upbeat. The group atmosphere can help you push through those last few moves that you might skip if you were doing it by yourself. If you frequent the same classes you will see the same people so it can become a social outing as well. Just remember everyone in the room was new to that class at one point so do not be afraid to miss a step or ask a question they are all more that willing to help.

Source by Cheyne Charles

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