Great Workout Plan For Beginners

Well alrightty then !! You have made the decision to improve your life, by working out. Trust me, this decision has more benefits than you know. I want to quickly give you the beginners workout routine I used when starting out. Itave me great results in a pretty reasonable amount of time.

The most important thing to remember is that nothing happens overnight. As long as you stay consistent in the gym / at home, you will see consistent results with your body. Make sure to keep a positive & clear image of what your ideal body will look like a few months from now. Make sure to keep a workout log, download a free one here. Last before we get started on you beginners workout routine, I would recommend getting a pair of workout gloves, & some light weight gym clothing.

Okay, let's get going. We'll start you out easy, because your body will have to adjust to the extra activity. This will be your first 6 week muscle building / fat burning workout program:

Monday: Biceps, Chest, Quads, Abs

Tuesday: 20-30 min of Cardio (walking, bike riding, light jog, etc.)

Wednesday: Triceps, Back, Calves

Thursday: Rest

Friday: Shoulders, Traps, Hamstrings, Abs

Saturday: 20-30 min of Cardio (treadmill, elliptical, or bike)

Sunday: Rest

You can download a free beginners workout chart when you go to to make your charts. Do two sets of each exercise you choose, & do 2 exercises for each muscle group. I would also recommend checking out some more FREE fat burning muscle building info here. Stick with this routine for 6 weeks, keep your fat consumption down, & calorie take around 1600-2000 (depending on your size), & you will see results.


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