How to Recognise Weight Loss and Exercise Myths

You want to lose weight and at the same time bulk up with exercise but are hearing all sorts of advice regarding what is the right approach and what is not. There is an information overload on this subject as everyone and I mean everyone is a self-appointed expert. There are so many weight loss and exercise myths around, so how do you separate fact from fiction?

Weight loss myths

One of the common myths is that to lose weight you cannot eat any fat at all. In fact fat blocking tablets are on the market which emphasises the myth. It is true that fat must be regulated in a meal but there are good fats and bad fats and you do need some to maintain a healthy body.

You do need to control your food intake which means excluding high calorie foods but by no means starve yourself – another myth dispelled. Eating nothing at all could actually send you onto a bingeing spree which would give you the opposite result of what you are wanting to achieve. However some people find that having a liquid diet one day sets their metabolism going for the week.

Another favourite you hear from people is to cut out carbohydrates as they cause weight gain. This is also a myth as every part of the nutritional triangle we have all seen is a necessary part of maintaining health and fitness.

Be careful when doing your grocery shopping regarding thinking it is safe to buy “light” products. Many do have reduced calories that make a significant difference but others are simply just light in colour and have no nutritional advantages to everyday products.

Exercise Myths

Another myth is to do with exercise routines. Any exercise for someone who has done little or no exercise for a long time is good but many have been told to just do cardio only and no weights. For the best results you need a mixture of cardio and weight training to get your body into the shape you crave. Workout routines help convert your fat deposits into muscle mass.

Walking and jogging is a good way to get into exercise and burn fat but even simple full body exercises are needed to get the desired result.

A lot depends these days on how long you want to give yourself to achieve the desired look. You can do this yourself in a home or professional gym but you will need guidance on which exercises result in producing the right muscles and looks. Many start with a personal trainer as they can set you on a training schedule you can maintain for life.

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