Is Bodybuilding a Good Sport to Do?

Bodybuilding is a competition. There are athletes and judges, losers and winners. The game is to develop as much as possible their muscular and show the D-Day the perfect muscular body. What you see on TV are all the poses the bodybuilders do to win the contest.

In this sport, the physical appearance is more important than how much weight you can lift, this is not about strength, no confusion about that. Men and women can practice this sport in their respective category.

For the real bodybuilder, the program to participate in a contest is not a big deal: resistance with heavy weight, a personal diet program and lots of rest. The core of this program is the resistance training without this part you cannot increase dramatically the muscle mass. The diet provides the protein and energy to build the muscles and to repair any damages. The work is so hard that the body is injured and need a very good healthy and specific diet to heal fast and in the same to build muscle. This looks insane but it works like a charm. The tactic is to eat many meals a day but in small quantities. Six to seven meals a day is the average.

Bodybuilders need nutritionists and personal trainers to do all the planning for them. Define the right foods to eat and define the right workout program to follow. The only task should be to build muscle nothing else.

Rest is essential because this is during this time that the muscle growth. If not rest or no sleep then it’s absolutely impossible to build muscle and it’s impossible to build them fast. This time is critical also to regain energy and make it possible to do training again and again. An afternoon nap is perfect for that.

People interested in bodybuilding should start with a personal trainer in their city. It cannot be done alone because you have to work hard every day.

So bodybuilding is a good sport if you have the dedication to build muscles for the muscles. In addition and as far as I’m concerned, it’s a really good program for people who have no motivation and no discipline to follow and achieve something with a method. Maybe it seems a little bit harsh but you cannot miss the results if you practice seriously bodybuilding.


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