It's Time For Slimming Exercises For Thighs

Warm weather and figure-revealing clothes inspire nearly everyone to want to look better. Most women find that the areas they most want to improve are their hips and their upper legs. They may be tempted to plunge into a program of exercises to get slimmer thighs without really knowing the best approach.

What exercising does for you is to tone the muscles underneath the fat. Exercise does increase the number of calories you burn and will help you lose weight. However, the weight you lose will not disappear just from the parts of your body that you exercise. It will decrease from all over your body in a pattern predetermined by your genetics.

There are many benefits to be had from doing slimming exercises for thighs. Anything that strengthens muscles and burns calories will enhance your overall fitness. The important caveat is to avoid exercise that will increase the size of your lower limbs.

Most men do not normally put on weight in their lower bodies. When you see a weight lifter or other extreme athlete with huge thighs he probably did not come by them naturally. He bulked them up through the kinds of workouts, and probably with the help of nutritional supplements, aimed at making muscles bulky.

Fortunately female muscles do not naturally incline toward bulk. What you want to do when you undertake a search for the best slimming exercises for thighs is to be sure you do not spend time in activities that will make your thigh muscles look bigger. Exercises that stretch and lengthen the muscles will make thighs look thinner and longer.

An example of an exercise designed to elongate the muscles in the thigh is the side leg raise. You perform this movement by lying on your side with your legs out straight. Support your head on your arm. Raise the top leg to a 45-degree angle. Lower it but not all the way. Stop when it's still a couple of inches above your lower leg. Hold the leg suspended like this for about five seconds and then do it again fifteen times. Then turn over and do the same thing with the other leg on top. Do this at least three times a week.

Exercises that make your muscles longer and stronger are good. If the added strength in your legs enables you to do more jogging, running, and other aerobic activities you will have an easier time losing weight. If you lose weight and tone muscles every part of your body will benefit.


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