Kettlebell Training 411

I'm sure by now you've heard of kettlebells, and if you are not incorporating them into your training program you're really missing out.

Why you ask ??

First of all, Time Investment. Kettlebell training can provide such a quick increase in many aspects of your training in very little time. Endurance, Coordination, ROM, Torso Strength, and Power are just a few components that you can expect to increase in as little as a couple weeks. Since kettlebell training is based on using the body as a whole and transferring force from the point of contact on the ground into the kettlebell, workouts are much shorter than the traditional bodybuilding type training the average joe knows from reading the magazine rack. You are using your entire musculature at once for the whole training session it rapidly depletes energy and causes a massive amount of caloric expenditure. Ive done workouts that were a brutal 10 min, 30 min, 45 min and even an easy hour. it all depends on the intensity and type of training you are going for. Kettlebell Sport (Girevoy Sport) is the competition of kettlebell lifting. Sets are done that are ten minutes in length focusing on more strength endurance than just pure strength. Dont laugh just yet, jerking double 52 or 70 pound weights for ten minutes is a feat not many even want to think about.

Programming depends on what you are looking for. A pure strength routine for powerlifting may be based on the basic moves such as heavy double swings, double clean and presses, turkish getups and double snatches. These could be sets of 3 or 5 reps and anywhere from 3-10 sets with lots of rest based on your progress and ability level. On the other page, a hockey player may want to work more on rotational strength lateral movement, and the frontal plane. Here they could do rotational snatches, renegade rows and pistols squats An endurance routine or general conditioning program could use the same exercises but lighter weight and put into a circuit and repeated for minutes. There are no boundaries. Kettlebells work with all sorts of training as they are incredible with movement based resistance training. Why do you think there are so many mixed martial artists training with them?

I believe kettlebells are best used 3-4 times per week if the training consist of only kettlebells. Remember were not trying to turn the body into separate pieces like bodybuilding. Keep it the whole unit. A hard day of training followed by one or two rest days. If adding to a powerlifting or bodybuilding routine, sometimes 1-2 days to supplement your existing training. Even adding one day per week with kettlebells coupled with other training will benefit you as far as joint stabilization and strength along with the benefits listed above. Just one day of training with an experienced kettlebell teacher can have even the most highly satisfied athlete feeling musculature they may have never felt before.

What to expect? Powerlifters and athletes can expect better power transfer and a feeling of being much more grounded due to the kettlebells trying to take you off balance the whole time you train with them. Rotational strength, stability, and quickness can all increase, causing an athlete such as a baseball player or soccer player to generate more force into the ball.

In the end, kettlebells, although not as heavy as the weights you may be using to lifting, can certainly fill in the gaps in the traditional weight training program for everyone.

Kettlebell Training 411
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