L-Ornithine HCL: An Essential Amino Acid

Looking at a list of all the amino acids you might be having a hard time deciding which ones you have enough of, and which ones might give your body a boost. At first L-Ornithine HCL might not strike you as something important, but the truth is this enzyme is doing some very important things for you.

The ‘L’ pre-fix in L-Ornithine tells you this is an amino acid, and that it is present in organic life. To us, Ornithine it is working in your body to aid in the disposal of excess nitrogen.

Nitrogen balance is extremely important, especially if you work out or play a sport. You need a certain amount of nitrogen in your body to maintain and grow muscles. The state to look for though is to have more intake than output. If you have more loss than intake, your body will be in a situation where the nitrogen is drawn away from the muscles. Nitrogen can also be depleted from organs, even vital ones, which can cause a very serious health condition. The perfect state for a sport enthusiast or weightlifter is one in which nitrogen loss and intakes of nitrogen are equal.

Ornithine is produced by hydrolysis of arginine. If you take a supplement containing Ornithine this will help balance anabolic hormone levels as well as increase it. This can have an effect on levels of human growth hormone and insulin secretion.

Ornithine can be effective if you are trying to lose fat because it affects the levels of human growth hormone or HGH. This signals your body to burn fat for energy. This process helps you take off the fat even during periods of inactivity. It also lets you eat more if you are trying to take on more muscle. HGH also helps the body take on better muscle definition. HGH will heighten metabolism while increasing your energy level without the use of a stimulant. As this is a natural method it is much safer than many drugs that promise the same results, but many of these other products can have a negative impact on the body. Since Ornithine helps in maintaining the levels of HGH, a supplement can help you achieve your weight control goals.

Your body also uses Ornithine for liver function as it is part of the ammonia detoxification process. Good liver function also helps maintain a balanced weight and can slow the signs of aging.

It is not recommended to take more than 10 grams a day of Ornithine because an overdose can result to diarrhea, nausea, and abdominal cramps. It is better to take in doses of between 500 milligrams to 2 grams. The best time to take it is right before bed and if possible on an empty stomach.

People who take food Ornithine often take it in combination with other supplements, especially other amino acids like L-arginine. Another good way is to take a multi-supplement that contains vitamins, herbs, and amino acids specifically geared for weight training or muscle building.

Source by Cynthia Wang-Tan

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