Learn Training Discipline From Bodybuilding Competitions

I'm sure some of you are thinking; nope that's just not for me. We feel intimidated by the pros that already have it going on. News flash, they were not born with a six pack! They all went through the stages in life where their bodies had more fat than muscles. Then believe me, each and every one of them made a conscious decision to go the extra mile. They did not stop at being fit but pushed their bodies further and harder and the rest is only evident. Bottom line is, we all start from somewhere.

If you've been sitting the gym regularly for months, well what are you waiting for? Show the world what you've been working on and do not hoard it all up for yourself. You'll be surprised to know that most people who are now competitive did not envision themselves doing that. For most if not all, it has turned out to be a well paying career just like that of any other athlete.

Body building competitions are for the physically and mentally disciplined. People who know what it is they are after and are by no means willing to settle for less. You do need to realize that the thought of competitiveness does not cross your mind in the middle of the night and then you wake up the next morning feeling energized and motivated to win every competition. News flash, it just simply does not ride on your over night whims. Just like in every other competition, you need preparation. This will ensure that you're your body is looking good and it'll boost your confidence miraculously.

You need people by your side who can be honest enough to tell you that despite looking good, you're still not competition material.

Get a bodybuilding competition that you want to participate in. be realistic in that, if you need a year to shape up do not pick a show that'll take place in 3 months. You'll be putting yourself up for a rude and embarrassing shock.

Now that you know when you want to grace the stage, work with this time. Preparation is the one thing that'll give you that medal. Your diet needs to be in check, for this you can consult with a diet pro who'll break down to you what you need to eat 12 months before the competition, 6 months before the competition all the way down up to the day of the competition. Your training program should also be made with a time frame in mind. Workout with the aim of growth, increasing size and forming shape. Pay attention to your weak areas as this is what the judges may pick on.

Do your home work; talk to judges and other competition officials. You can even get someone who competed before to take a look at you and give you an honest opinion. Learn from the mistakes of others and do not repeat the same. Be original in all you do including your own mistakes if need be and let others learn from you. Work out your mandatory poses, perfect your evening routine. Send some of your prize money to me; good luck.


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