Muscle Building Workout Schedule – Beginner Level

Hello everyone,

This article will teach you how to set up your perfect muscle building workout schedule. Firstly, a perfect workout means different things to different people. A perfect schedule for a beginner and one for an advanced bodybuilder will be totally different. In This article, I will tell you the difference and how you should start off with a beginner's workout for better foundations.

Let me talk about the reason for the different schedules between beginners and advanced bodybuilders. Bodybuilding beginners refer to those who have not done consistent weight training in the gym. If you are one of those beginners, you will need to get your muscles prepared for some intensity. As a result, you will require full body trainings. The training should be concentrated on preparing your muscles for strength gain and not mass gains. For advanced bodybuilders, their muscles have already adapted to high intensity strength training. As a result, they will require split body routines to gain muscle mass.

Beginners should train with a full body workout for at least 10 workouts. Spread the workouts out and ensure at least two days of rest in between every workout. Remember, rushing will not achieve you anything in bodybuilding. An optimal strength training workout will be one below.

Start off by training the bigger muscles to the smaller muscles. Make sure you train every part of your body for the whole gym session. For each exercise, do 1 set of 15 repetitions, with lightweights. You do not want to overload your muscles here. All we want is a workout that will help you gain overall body strength for a strong foundation. Trust me, you would not be able to make progress consistently in the later stage if you do not have a strong foundation. After 5 workouts, increase the weights and lower the repetitions of each set. This time, do 2 sets of each exercise and 12 repetitions for each set.

After completing 10 basic training training workouts, you are ready to move on to split routines!


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