Proform iSeries 800 – For Fun Fitness

Getting motivated to exercise gets easier with regular innovations in home exercise equipment. Among these take a look at the Proform iSeries 800 elliptical trainer. This model will not only help customers to shape and tone; also expect to have fun while sweating.

Since the scenery of home exercise never changes, try a video game to get your mind off of a static setting. Challenge yourself to activities designed to form part of your work-out strategy. Get better at the games as your fitness improves. Aerobics videos will never look the same.

Set this compact, vertical machine in even a small space. Face the TV for the distraction of a favorite show. Plan to exercise near your hi-fi and move to the beat of favorite exercise tunes. Set up in a quiet part of your home so as to focus on what your body is doing should you prefer.

Meet both your strength and endurance goals with an elliptical machine. Long strides help you build long, lean muscle instead of big, bulky ones. Meanwhile, strengthen your heart with aerobic effort. Set personal goals for performance and weight loss, then watch as you exceed them.

Meet your challenges with care, however. Handlebar sensors allow you to track your heart rate so that you always know if you work too hard and exceed the maximum parameters for a healthy work out. On the other hand, be sure to work hard enough. Set your own resistance goals based on how you feel each day, since your overall fitness is not the only factor influencing what you feel up to. Otherwise, opt for one of twelve programs which act like a personal trainer. These programs will help you to build resistance slowly and safely.

Keep track of your heart rate on the display along with other facets of your work out. These include speed, resistance and RPM. Even monitor calories and carbohydrates burned. All of this data should give you confidence to try new exercises and sports, while showing the extent of your accomplishment each day. This can be helpful as safe weight loss tends to be visually apparent after several weeks, not days.

Many products carry one or maybe two warranties, but the Proform holds three separate ones. The frame is guaranteed for life. Meanwhile, get ten years for the brake and one year parts and labor.

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