Simple Steps to Weight Loss

Everywhere you look these days, someone is offering some sort of diet or advice about dieting or getting thinner. The concept of losing weight and being healthy just seems to get more and more complicated because of all the seemingly contradictory advice and recommendation.

However implementing a very few simple steps to weight loss can not only result in a healthy, permanent weight loss, but can contribute to genuine health and fitness in the process.

Let's start with attitude.

Anybody can lose weight in a healthy manner if they are willing to work at it. That's a key point … "work" at it. Weight reduction simply does not just happen. Weight gain occurs because of real facts and events, and weight management, plus or minus, works the same way. There can be healthy gain and healthy loss as well. We are going to focus on that word, "healthy" because one of the most simple steps to weight loss is to live a healthy life.

By the same token, living a healthy life can not only be fun and rewarding, but can result in healthy permanent weight loss as well!

Many people approach the weight loss process by concentrating only on "losing weight" without thinking about health, permanence, aging, genetic, or any of the myriad factors which are involved in weight loss and weight gain.

Many also approach weight loss, exercise, fitness, nutrition, and other issues from a point of ignorance. Many of these people are surprised when what they were told would work … does not! However, this is often because they do not actually know what they are supposed to be doing, or what real results will occur as a consequence of their actions or transactions.

For example, many gather that an exercise like walking is one of the simple steps to weight loss (no pun intended) that we are discussing.

They are correct, but "walking to lose weight" is a very generic term. It does not take into account how fast the person walks, how often they walk, the terrain over which they walk, how much they eat, what they eat, how much sleep they get, what their personal genetic makeup is, and what is their fitness level at the moment. However, all of these factors are determining what the results of their weight loss effort will be.

This is why anyone is intending to adopt even the most simple steps to lose weight should either be willing to educate them or put themselves in the hands of a professional fitness trainer who can expect and plan for their needs based on a genuine understanding of these issues.

Actually, when you get down to it, there are only a few effective simple steps to weight loss. These include exercise, diet (nutrition), and rest. To discuss each of these effectively or all as a group will require a longer and more complicated article than this will be.

If a person is not willing or able to seek out the information that will make them at least "quasi-experts" on the subject of healthy ways of losing weight and can not put themselves in the hands of a professional fitness trainer, one of the most effective and simple steps to weight loss that they can take is to make the decision to live their lives in a healthy manner.

We all have a good idea of ​​what we should be eating. We all know that, unless we are already engaged in a formal program of regular physical activity (or have a job which supplies that part of the equation), we should get more exercise. We all know that we should drink eight glasses of water a day and get about eight hours of sleep at night.

Following these simple steps to weight loss at their most basic level may not result in a fashion model's body or that of a bodybuilder. However, it will result in a longer, healthier life and generally, some weight will be lost in the process.


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