Soccer Workout

Development of the comprehensive Technical and Fitness Soccer Workout

It is well documented that to establish yourself as a successful high level soccer (football) player requires 1,000,000's of Touches on the ball. As coaches we attempt to force soccer drills and games during training and practice sessions to make up for the lack of Touches performed by players Elsewhere. As a coach I became frustrated with this problem and tried to look at the big picture. Especially in the US players very rarely on their training sessions only, assuming their coach can give them some magic formula to developing good touch in 2-3 hrs a week. Realistically this is not possible and I looked for ways to produce technically sound players within the time constraints given to me. The concept of a professional personal soccer workout was born.

The solution I came up with was that the players needed to be pushed somehow outside of soccer practice and 'guided' into training themselves to make up for the huge deficiency in touches. With the experience of thousands of soccer drills I had seen I put together a series of small personal soccer drills that players could perform at home. This can be adjusted based on the topic you want the player to focus on (Technical, Fitness, etc). Try implementing a soccer workout program for your players and team. It will enable your players to get the touch and technique they need without you have to spend valuable training time working on it. Freeing you to do tactical and more team related training sessions.

Source by Darren Pitfield

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