Step Aerobics – A Fun Filled Way Through Which You Can Burn Out the Calories

These days step aerobics is gaining popularity all around the world because it can really help you to tone down the muscles of your thighs, legs and hips. The step aerobic session also helps you burn out the maximum amount of calories so that you can achieve a slim and trim body. For performing the exercises, an elevated platform is known as the step is used. You can increase the height of the step according to your requirements. These days various fitness centers and gyms are organizing step aerobic classes especially for women.

In this article, I would mainly like to tell you about some essential things that you must know about this wonderful fitness program.

1. Use of the platform
Step aerobic is really beneficial for all the parts of your body. In this fitness program typically a raised platform is used which can be four to ten inches in height according to your requirement. This structure is made from polyurethane or wood and you can increase its height by placing one step on top of the other.

Step Aerobics and music
If you really want to enjoy the exercises to the fullest you must accompany the fitness program with some great music. The music tempo should be of at least 125 to 150 beats per minute to achieve a good workout. If you want you can also hire a trained professional trainer for performing the different exercises.

3. It is rhythmic and continuous in nature
Step aerobics would only benefit you if you are performing it in a rhythmic and continuous manner. The exercises that are performed in this session are very similar to the exercises that are used in floor aerobics. The exercises help in enriching your lungs, heart and cardiovascular system in an efficient manner. Your heart muscles are also strengthened with the help of step aerobics.

4. Good level of intensity
If you really want to tone your muscles with step aerobics it is important for you to perform the exercises with good intensity and stamina. One should work out frequently for at least one hour to achieve the maximum results.

5. It is suitable for the people of all ages
Step aerobics is suitable for the people of all ages. Each participant can perform the exercises at their own pace and skill level. In order to reduce weight with the help of this fitness session you must drink a lot of water and must also control your diet.

This is beneficial for your mind, body and soul and it also helps in toning your muscles and strengthening your heart.

Source by Ritu Jaiswal

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