Step Aerobics For Your Health

One of the more popular aerobic exercises is step aerobics. Most of the time step aerobics is conducted as a class in a gym. This can really be fun and you can make a lot of good friends. But with the number of videos that have hit the market many people do step aerobics at home. There are also many TV programs that conduct daily exercise classes. Most of the TV exercise classes conduct a variety of aerobics so if you are into step aerobics only this may not be for you.

Step aerobics is done on a platform where you step up and down usually to the beat of music. It is recommended that you not exceed 128 BPM as this can cause injury. Sometimes this can cause people to want to go faster to get a better workout. Well you can actually get a better workout by staying below the 128 BPM and modifying your routines. The platforms are usually from 6 to 10 inches. For a better workout if you are in good physical condition choose the higher platform. You can stay below 128 BPM and achieve the same step aerobic workout.

But before you even get started doing your step aerobic routines, it is a good practice to warm up for about 10 minutes doing stretching exercise and maybe some light jogging.

Another thing that is very important is the Choreography. Increasing power and force can add significantly to the intensity of your routine and cardiovascular benefits. Raising you upper limbs and bringing your knee up higher is also helpful. This way you can get that good workout that you want and still stay below 128 BPM.

Sometimes we get very enthusiastic and want to do step aerobics everyday. This is not a good idea. Most experts suggest that you limit step aerobics to no more than 4 days a week. But you are encouraged to participate in cross training activities with equipment you find in a gym or bicycling. The idea is that you need to be cognizant of possible injury doing step aerobics, especially if you increase the tempo beyond 128 BPM.

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