Strength and Conditioning Training for Young Athletes

Ask any professional coach of any sport and they’ll tell you that young bodies are particularly susceptible to getting injured if pushed too hard.

Young athletes who consistently push their bodies to the limit before they develop the proper muscles and the strength and stamina they need to sustain intense training tend to get injured more often. This is something that’s a well-known trend in all sports including cross-country, football and soccer.

Playing sports in school is healthy and to be encouraged as much as learning music hanging out with friends. The solution is to keep your body fit at all times including during the off season. External strength and conditioning training programs provided by professional fitness coaches are a wonderful way to keep in shape and the growth of these specialized programs and gyms is evidence of awareness and importance of these types of programs.

Here are a few benefits of enrolling in local off season strength and conditioning training programs:

1. As mentioned above, these training programs reduce the risk of injuries during the competitive season. Just like running a cross-country race without warming up can be damaging to your muscles, starting exercising after a long period of time when you have not exerted your body can result in injuries as well.

Moreover, a student who loses his fitness during the off season before the fall sports season is more likely to lose confidence in his own abilities because they’ll find their performance impaired. By enrolling into a local strength & conditioning program, a student athlete will be keeping their body in shape for the coming season.

2. There can be nothing worse for a student athlete to come back to his team from school vacation unfit because this impairs the overall performance of the team and they may also lose their spot on the team While injuries due to lack of exercise in the off season is the worst that can happen, usually an unfit player only ends up performing badly individually and, hence, taking down the total performance of the team. Or worse finding themselves on the sideline with little playing time or at the back of the pack and not scoring for their team.

3. Strength and conditioning training camps are a lot more than just fitness boot camps because they also enhance an athlete’s ability to lead and work in a team. Quality strength and conditioning training program involve team building exercises that develop leadership and teamwork qualities in a student athlete that translates into more value when on the field of competition.

Though many people think that strength and conditioning training programs are nothing more than an exercise camp, the truth is far different. Most are designed to not only bring different participants closer but also ensure that they learn to respect all the values that any team requires its players to have.


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