Supreme Bodybuilding – Universal Workout

A good workout is the basis for bodybuilding, especially if you are one of the many that want to gain more muscle mass. There are only a few people that wish to lose cut down on their muscles; those are usually pro bodybuilders working their fat down to the bone for a competition.

For everyone else the universal bodybuilding workout applies, and it is the best method to gain muscle mass the healthy way, without the use of any supplements. The process is simple, it starts with a solid workout plan to increase your overall strength, you cannot gain muscles if you don’t push your body to the limit.

So instead of simply going to the gym to lift weights you should do everything there is to increase your strength, Start with pushups and pull ups, then move on to sit ups and running, and never forget the stretching part as this is the firs and the most important thing to do. You first need to take care of the body and prepare it for a strenuous workout.

Instead of focusing on one particular group of muscles you should train your entire body. When you focus on one group of muscles there is a high chance of overburdening those muscles and having an injury. Even the strain on those muscles from over working them can be bad for you. You need to learn when to workout and when to rest.

The best part about the universal bodybuilding workout is that allows the ultimate growth of your body, that is because it doesn’t promote one type of exercises, but it promotes all of them. Why, because doing one single workout for one type of muscles will only get you 30% or 40% of the results you want, Doing all types of exercises for one muscle will make sure that you reach the 100% potential for that muscle.

So to sum things up, intense workout followed with proper diet and enough time to rest will result in muscle mass gain, so keep at it and you will soon see results.


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